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Pool Screen


There are different types of home screen services. Below are two such services which you may require from professional home screen services provider:

Pool screen

You may have noticed some huge screens enclosing swimming pools. While they may appear being unusual, they serve important purposes on these pools. They help to reduce maintenance cost of your pool as they keep bugs and leaves out of your pool.

They also keep out harmful ultra violet rays from reaching your pool as well as preventing insects and mosquitoes which carry diseases from contaminating the water. Another advantage of

Porch screen

It is quite easy and cheap to add a porch around your home. The typical work of adding a screen wall around your cover porch can cost you anywhere from $700 – $2000. You can also opt to add a complete screen room which has low slope or even you add an insulated roof. Screened porch creates more space where you can enjoy your outdoor activities without bugs and insects. It also protects you from hot sun and even rain.

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