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Common door repair for your entry door

Your entry door has to withstand outdoor conditions such as wind, rain, changing temperatures in addition to common wear and tear. Outside door is normally stronger than inside door because it is made from impact resistant material and finished in such a way to withstand these bad conditions.

After some time, you door will need repair on dents or even weather stripping which will need to be replaced through door repair. Before you do any kind of door repair, keep in mind the material which your door is made from because there are some exotic materials which you may need to take great care of. Below are common adjustments which you may be required to do on your entry door.

Repairing and maintaining doors

After some time, you may find that your entry door creaks, sticks or even it does not close easily like it did when it was installed. This may be the result of wear and tear of the organic material which your house is made from as well as expansion and contraction of wood due to the changing weather. It is therefore advisable to do simple door repair after your house has settled to make sure that your entry door is still plumbing in the doorway and it is opening and shutting easily. In addition to ordinary changes, there are other factors which may damage your door due to use such as lot of foot traffic in your house thus requiring you to spend some time doing your door repair.

Repair of sticking door

Sometimes you might need to adjust the size of your door when it starts sticking so as to fit the entryway. This kind of door repair can be very easy like cleaning all the hinges of your door while you remove any buildup of filth along your door edges. The second step is to find out whether adjusting the door hinges will ease the problem by tightening them. If it continues sticking, then you may try sanding its edges.

Repairing dents

Dents in your entry door can be repaired using different methods. For example if your door is made of steel, you might be able to repair it using auto filler. Before you fill it, you will have to sand down the damaged place until you see the metal then you apply the auto filler in layers until your entry door is smooth. You will then do some sanding until you acquire a smooth surface and then paint it.

Squeaky hinges

You may require lubricating your door hinges with silicon if it makes a squeak any time you shut and open it. Here you will need to remove the pin and then you scrub the pin, hinge and barrel slightly using steel wool, finally you coat them using a thin layer of penetrating oil or silicon spray.

Stopping air leaks

You door will need sealing when you notice a cold breeze around your door especially during the winter months so as to ensure your house maintains steady temperature. You may cheek the caulk around your door and replace it if it is damaged or has some gaps. Weather stripping is also another good door repair option for stopping any air leaks in your house.

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