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Reason for Window and Door Screen Installation

Your home is the one of the places that you spend a lot your time at. It is place that can reflect your personality and good clean home can really echo your mind and how much you love your family.

When searching for home screening services is one of the best step you can take to protect your loved ones. Some of the reasons you should seek screening services includes.

Keep out insects.

There are many insects that can cause a lot of damage to your furniture if they get in your house. It is good to ensure no insect gets into your house since some can be disease vectors. For example, if scorpion gets in to your house it can really cause a lot of harm by biting your family members. To avoid such scenario, you need to ensure your window and door openings are covered.

To keep your house hurricane friendly.

In some instances and especially in places where hurricanes are common, there is every need to install window and door screens, they cut down dust entering your house. This will enable you to clean your house easily.

Installing door and window screen is very important in places that usually experience hurricanes since screen can act as a security measure to prevent hurricane from getting your house and causing a lot of destruction.

To keep your house warm

In United States, window and door screens are installed in winter to keep houses warm. This prevents entry of cold wind that can lower room temperature.

This also lowers cost of electrically warming houses.

Helps to filter UV lights

UV lights can be very harming to your family, by fixing glass filters that keeps off UV light, it will a be a great step to ensuring your family is free from harmful effects of UV lights.

There are many companies that can install UV filters glasses that are durable and effective.

It is good to ensure that when installing window and door screens, the house remains well ventilated. At times, screens installation can lower air circulation in the house, this is very dangerous since it puts your family in a risk of suffocation and sometimes death.

Materials used.

You also need to ensure the material that is used for screening is of high quality. In most cases, aluminum or fiberglass is used. Although Fiberglas is a little bit expensive, it does not dent when pushed or hit. One of the disadvantages of fiberglass is that it is very opaque.

You can also use bronze, it is very expensive but is more durable than aluminum or fiberglass.

You can also look for semi-transparent materials and material that you can easily fold when not in use.


There are many installation companies that you can look for installation services. You may do some window shopping to check their charges. Apart from charges, you also need to look at their terms and conditions and their reputation. Check their warrant and insurance cover to ensure you are well warranted and covered if installation fails.

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